Welcome behind the scenes!


The majority of our lab work (blood, urine, cytology) is run in house by our team of very competent veterinary technicians.


Prep Room

Prior to entering the Surgery Room the prep room is used for cleaning and prepping surgical packs and equipment as well as for the doctor to scrub and prep for surgical procedures.


Surgery Room

All surgeries are done within these walls. Our patient is our utmost priority during anesthesia.  Numerous pieces of equipment are used during each surgery to help the technician and doctor monitor the patient during the anesthetic.



X-Ray Room

Radiographs are used to help detect a variety of conditions including broken bones, dislocations, foreign bodies, and organ abnormalities.


Treatment Room

Everything from blood and urine collection, anal gland expression, to full dental cleaning, beak and wing trims and bandage and IV catheter placement are done within this room.